Why Vote Yes?


Get The Facts

A Children's Services Council will:

  • Provide leadership and advocacy to support our children to become productive adults
  • Invest in our children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development
  • Provide consistent funding for our children’s needs and boasts a strategic, long-term vision, beyond year-to-year cycles 
  • Encourage collaboration between providers and bringing together our community resources for children under one umbrella
  • Fund programs for times children are not in school and complement the progress children make at school the rest of the year

What would a CSC do for our community?

An independent Children's Services Council would be funded by county property taxes and must be voted on by the voters of Leon County. For decades, voter-approved Children’s Services Councils have improved the lives of families throughout Florida with services such as:

  • Preparing kids and teens for school and careers with:
    • After school programs
    • Mentoring programs
  • School readiness programs for quality pre-kindergarten education
  • Parenting support and home safety programs
  • Nutrition programs and mental health support
  • Programs to create safe communities, youth employment, and teen outreach